January 1, 2000 | Publications | TPF Staff

U.S. International Leadership in the 21st Century

In 1993, the Potomac Foundation formed the Project on America’s Security in order to provide a forum for discussion of U.S. international policies in the post-Cold War era. Its  fundamental objective was to identify the overarching principles that can guide United States policy as we enter the new century.

The Project’s activities have included numerous meetings, seminars and conferences. As an outgrowth of these various meetings, the Project’s Steering Committee decided to publish a volume of essays.

The papers included in this volume are not position papers and do not contain specific programmatic recommendations. Rather, these papers are policy essays which are intended to provide broad guidelines for American foreign, defense and international economic policy.

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Edited by Bruce Weinrod and Paula J. Dobriansky


Introduction by W. Bruce Weinrod and Paula J. Dobriansky

U.S. Interests in Europe: Leadership for the Next Century by Jeffrey T. Bergner

Leader Among Democratic Allies: America’s Agenda in Asia by Mark P. Lagon

America’s Leadership Role in the Twenty-First Century: Staying in Front in the Middle East by Dov S. Zakheim

The Western Hemisphere by Daniel W. Fisk

Promoting Growth and Prosperity in Sub-Saharan Africa by Nicholas N. Eberstadt


American Economic Leadership by Lawrence B. Lindsey

U.S. World Leadership in the 21st Century: The Military Dimension by William Schneider, Jr.

International Organizations and “Global Governance” by John R. Bolton

The U.S. and the Encouragement of Democracy Abroad by Constantine C. Menges

The Challenge of Transstate Actors to U.S. Interests by Roy Godson