May 8, 2015 | Select Work, Simulations | TPF Staff

The Hertog Summer Study

The Potomac Foundation Hegemon: Rise of China simulation has been featured at the Hertog Summer Study Program, a program run by Johns Hopkins SAIS to educate field-rank officers being prepared for flag-rank promotion, for the past three years.


The simulation allows officers and academics to take up the challenges currently facing the United States, People’s Republic of China, and various other players in the Asia-Pacific theater (including but not limited to Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Australia, and Russia) and compete to achieve their long-term objectives in the theater.

As Hegemon forces players to submit their orders simultaneously, teams are able to use all the tools available to states in order to pursue their policies. Hegemon: Rise of China also forces players to address issues from budgetary constraints to technological procurement to large-scale operational planning with limited resources.