October 13, 2015 | In The News | Defense One

The Army’s Drone Wishlist Includes Jamming Gear and More Weapons

The United States still dominates armed drone technology, but it’s an advantage that’s thinning fast. And the United States has never faced an opponent with much of a drone force on the battlefield. Unlike both Russia and Ukraine.

Russia, by some accounts, has 16 fixed-wing drone types in use in the disputed areas in the east of Ukraine. Today, those drones aren’t armed. But Russian-backed separatists use them to great effect. “I’ve been with a Ukrainian commander who said, ‘When that [drone] shows up, we’re going to get a rocket strike in ten minutes,’” Phillip A. Karber, president of the Potomac Foundation, said yesterday at the conference.

If the Army doesn’t innovate the use tactical drones in the hands of soldiers, some other army will.

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