March 5, 2017 | In The News | TPF Staff

Russia, China Will Soon Surpass Superiority of U.S. Armed Forces

The superiority of the U.S. armed forces will soon be surpassed by Russia and China, retired Gen. Wesley Clark warned on Sunday.

“It is a story the American public needs to hear,” Clark said in an interview with John Catsimatidis aired Sunday on New York’s AM 970: More money is needed for the defense budget on a sustained basis, and President Donald Trump’s proposal to add $54 billion won’t cut it.

“If you look at what’s happened over 25 years, the United States has mostly put its military modernization on… warm idle. We’ve done some research. We’ve looked at what we need. But we haven’t bought the stuff that is cutting-edge.”

Instead, Clark said, “We are spending our money on ordinance, on bombers, on missiles and rockets… that are blowing holes in the ground and sometimes hitting terrorists.”
He contrasted this with Russia, which has “produced a new generation of armored forces. They have a T-14 tank that’s got active protection on it… It has got things we don’t have… It’s the tank we’d like to have in 2030. We are that far behind… That’s worrisome.”

Clark added that Russia also has an air defense system that the U.S. can’t outfly. All these factors together “changes the air/ground dominance. Where the United States could easily get air supremacy in the past, now we can’t.”

Published by Newsmax