February 14, 2017 | Events, Uncategorized | TPF Staff

Potomac Leaders Recognized for Contribution to Ukrainian-American Security

On February 14, 2017, General Wesley Clark and Dr. Phillip Karber  were recognized by the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America for their work in support of Ukrainian and Transatlantic security.

General Clark, Potomac’s Senior Fellow and Dr. Karber, the Foundation’s president became the first recipients of the newly-created Friend of Ukraine Award at the ceremony hosted by the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington, DC.

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2014, the Karber-Clark team has made over 30 trips to Ukraine, spending over 170 days at the front with the Ukrainian troops. Their “Lessons Learned” from the Russo-Ukrainian War have been provided to the senior decision makers and military leadership in the U.S. Congress, the Pentagon and other agencies to advance the American understanding of the Russian military threat and requirements for a credible NATO deterrence in Europe.

Ukrainian award