June 5, 1993 | Publications | TPF Staff

Paying the Premium: A Military Insurance Policy for Peace and Freedom

PTPCThe Potomac Foundation and the Center for Defense Journalism at Boston University jointly conceived the project that resulted in this book, published in 1993.

This undertaking was born out of the need to design a new military strategy for the emerging post-Cold War era.


Based on the changing geopolitical landscape and the necessity of maintaining military strength in this “new” world, what is needed can be best described as an insurance policy intended to cope with the unforeseen, as contrasted with the foreseen.

To formulate this mechanism we sought the views of senior military leaders who have experienced first hand the waxing and waning of support for adequate forces.

Given the pace of change in the world, including the chaos among the member states of the fragile Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS); the proliferation of nuclear, biological, and chemical arms among Third World countries; the continuing adherence to communism by China, North Korea, and Cuba; the instability in the Middle East; and the eruption of a war among the former Yugoslav republics, planning against a well-defined threat seems futile.

In this situation, a flexible insurance policy is needed, to guide the U.S. military strategy into and through the post-containment era. Insurance policy options are exercised, renewed, canceled, and closed. Insurance policies are different in type, amount, form, and duration, and can be for cars, homes, or human life.

The authors of this volume, in their collective wisdom, have pieced together a combination of options and provisions that constitutes an insurance policy for the nation-one that will help, we believe, to ensure peace in freedom, an order that only the United States is capable of fulfilling-if it has the willpower to do so.