May 15, 2016 | Events | TPF Staff

May 2016 European-American Security Workshop

Operationalizing Collective Defense

Florence, Italy ŸŸŸ — May 26-29, 2016


Working Session 1: Lessons Learned from Baltic Conflict Simulations at the Baltic Defense College

  • The “Red Scenario” in Russia’s War on the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization
  • Summary of Simulation Outcomes
  • Planning Recommendations


Working Session 2: Forging an Allied Response to Defeat Russian Operational Plans

  • The Opportunity for Lithuania to Reconstruct the Baltic Solidarity and Collaboration with Poland
  • The Strategic Risk Assessment for Warsaw


Working Session 3: Realizing the Potential for Constructing Depth in a Baltic Theater of Operations

  • The Potential for Allied Naval Operations in the Baltic Sea
  • The Potential for Allied Air Operations over the Baltic Sea
  • Synchronizing Nordic Investment in Regional Security


Cocktail reception and Dinner in Florence


Working Session 4: Options for Maximizing Deterrence by Increasing Defensive Capacity

  • US-NATO Forward Deployment Options and Reinforcement Capabilities
  • European Reinforcement Capabilities


Working Session 5: Tools for Maximizing Deterrence by Increasing Defensive Capacity

  • Rollover and Other Options for Equipping and Reequipping American Allies in the Baltic States and Poland
  • Prestockage and Reinforcement Challenges and Solutions
  • Allied Reinforcement Capabilities


Lunch at Villa le Balze


Working Session 6:  Building Consensus in Washington and Brussels

  • Intensifying Economic Sanctions to Undermine Russian Weapons Manufacturing
  • The Next American Administration and What to Expect in Security Policy
  • Key Stakeholders: Congress, NSC, DoD, and the Defense Industry
  • Initiating NATO Processes to Advance Collective Security


Gala Cocktail Party and Dinner 


Plenary Session

  • Rapporteur Report
  • Discussion of Riga Workshop (September 2016) Agenda