Mr. Harry J. Kazianis

Mr. Harry J. Kazianis serves as Fellow for National Security Affairs at the Potomac Foundation. His present research focuses on Chinese military modernization, anti-access/area-denial weapons and strategies as well as American power projection responses such as the Air-Sea Battle operational concept and JAM-GC.

Mr. Kazianis has previously served as a senior fellow in various different Washington, DC based and international think-tanks. He has also held several positions in international affairs publications such as Editor of The Diplomat and Executive Editor of The National Interest.

Mr. Kazianis has provided expert commentary and/or published op-eds and analysis for multiple outlets including the BBC, The Hugh Hewitt Show, The Hill, DefenseOne, The Washington Times, The Taipei Times, National Public Radio (NPR),The John Batchelor Show, Newsweek Japan, World Politics Review, CSIS, The Lowy Institute’s Interpreter, The Huffington Post, Voice of America, Sirus/XM, East Asia Forum, Real Clear World, Real Clear Defense, The Georgetown Journal of International Affairs, The Moscow Times, Gateway House: Indian Council on Global Relations and others.

areas of expertise:

Chinese Military Modernization

Anti-Access/Area-Denial Weapons and Strategies

American Power Projection

Air-Sea Battle



Kazianis holds a BA in Political Science and History from the University of Rhode Island and a ALM focusing on International Relations from Harvard University.