Dr. Fred Wikner

Dr. Fred Wikner has over 40 years experience in national security matters.

He has held executive, managerial and technical positions in both government sector and in the private industry. In the U.S. Government (1965-1974) he was a direct report to two Secretaries of Defense, a CIA Director and a JCS Chairman. He also served as the Science Advisor to the Commander (Gen. C.W. Abrams) of the U.S. forces in Viet Nam.

In industry, he was the Director of Nuclear Design at Aero-Jet General Nucleonics (1957-1958). At General Atomic, Dr. Wikner was the Program Director for all RDT&E for central station power reactors (1958-1963); Space Power Systems and nuclear weapons effects were his focus from 1963 till 1965.

After retiring from government service, Dr. Wikner formed three consulting firms specializing in economic and system analysis as well as technical military assessments. These firms were: The Santa Fe Corporation, Inc.; Systems, Technology and Assessments, Inc.; and Technology, Planning and Systems, Inc.



areas of expertise:

nuclear technology

economic and systems analysis 

technical military assessments


B.A. (Summa cum Laude) in Mathematics and Physics, Pacific Lutheran College (1952)

M.S. in Nuclear Physics, University of California, Berkeley (1955)

Ph.D. in Nuclear and Fundamental Particle Physics, University of California, Berkeley (1957)