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May 2015 European-American Security Workshop

Florence, Italy ŸŸŸ — May 28-30, 2015


Working Session 1

Russo-Ukrainian War: Military Lessons Learned

Chaired by Greg Melcher, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

Presentation by Dr. Phillip A. Karber, President, the Potomac Foundation: Russian “New Generation Warfare” in Ukraine


General (ret.) Vladimir Zamana, former Chief of General Staff, Ukraine

Col. Yuri Bereza, Member of Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine


Working Session 2

What is the Perceived Military Threat from Russian New Generation Warfare?

Chaired by MGen. Vitalijus Vaikšnoras, Commandant of the Baltic Defense College, Tartu, Estonia

 Presentation by Jānis Garisons, Defense Ministry Undersecretary of State for Policy, Latvia: The Implications of Russian New Generation Warfare for Baltic Security

 Presentation by Dr. Matthew Kroenig, Georgetown University: The Russian Nuclear Threat to NATO


Diego Ruiz Palmer, Advisor to the NATO Secretary General

Naval Captain (ret.) James Fanell, former Director of Intelligence and Information Operations for the U.S. Pacific Fleet


Working Session 3

How are Russian ZAPAD Exercises Reflective and Instructional for the United States and Europe?

Chaired by Jonatan Vseviov, Undersecretary of Defense, Estonia

 Presentation by Dr. Phillip A. Petersen, The Potomac Foundation: ZAPAD Exercises in the Post-Cold War Era

Presentation by Nicholas Myers, The Potomac Foundation: Preliminary Results from Potomac Foundation’s Baltic Conflict Simulation


Tomasz Szatkowski, President of the National Centre for Strategic Studies Foundation, Poland

Col. Laura Potter, G2 US Army Europe


Working Session 4

Non-Military “Lessons Learned” from Russian New Generation Warfare

Chaired by Dr. George Shambaugh, Georgetown University

 Presentation by Grzegorz Kozlowsky, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Poland: Energy as an Instrument of Russian New Generation Warfare

Presentation by Peter T. Halpin, President of World Resources Company: Russian Economic Warfare

Presentation by Oksana Skidan, the Potomac Foundation: Russian Social Warfare

Commentator: Dr. Kostiantyn Anapreichyk, Runestone Partners LLC


Working Session 5

Russian Strategic Vision and Potential as a European Security Partner

Chaired by Marijus Velicka, Vice Minister of Defense, Lithuania

Presentation by Dr. Uwe Nerlich, Chairman of the Center for Security Studies, Germany: Russia as a Security Partner

Presentation by Dr. Phillip A. Petersen, the Potomac Foundation: Russia as a Security Risk

Commentator: Gordon Barrass, former Director of the Cabinet Assessment Office, United Kingdom


Plenary Session 

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Rapporteur Reports by LTC Chris Tomlinson, US Army Europe

Discussion of future Workshop Topics