November 19, 2015 | Events, Select Work, Simulations | Natalya Anfilofyeva

2016 Machiavelli Seminar in Florence, Italy

Georgetown University & The Potomac Foundation jointly sponsor the 2016 Machiavelli Seminar in Florence, Italy

The annual Machiavelli Seminar for advanced undergraduates and graduate students applies the study of classical strategy to modern international political conflicts.

Past seminars addressed:

  • The Rise of China as a Military Power;
  • The Future of Strategic Arms Control;
  • Russian New Generation Warfare concepts;
  • Implications of Russian Aggression in Ukraine; and
  • Challenges to Baltic Security.

Students have the opportunity to play roles of national security decision-makers, develop strategies and test them in dynamic interaction using the Potomac Foundation’s Hegemon™ simulation platform and methodology.

The seminar program will also include the 26th session of the semiannual European-American Workshop where prominent strategists from around the world meet to discuss critical security issues.

The Machiavelli Seminar is held at Georgetown University’s Ville Le Balze, in Fiesole, with its stunning view of Florence. The 2016 seminar will run from May 17 through June 1, 2016. Enrollment is limited to 20 students. The selection process is competitive.

To apply go to

The application deadline is February 4, 2016.